Sebright Capital specializes in the collection, analysis and distribution of data and information.  We partner with our subscribers providing them with Relevant & Executable Information© that is intended to support and grow individuals and businesses towards their financial success.  Our process and technology is designed to identify data and indicators that can lead to alpha generation, stocks of interest and other opportunities for investors.  Our corporate mission is to be a trusted partner and significant contributor to our subscribers investment due diligence and research process with an active and timely supply of reliable information.


Sebright prepares and distributes information in an anticipative and realtime format that can improve investors overall efficiency and success rate through support and development of and investors due diligence and research processes.  The data and information we compile is designed to increase investors idea generation capacity and to adapt at a faster rate to changing market forces in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in financial markets.

Before founding Sebright I partnered with 2 top brokerage firms for 12 years as a Financial Advisor. During this time I built meaningful relationships with self directed investors, institutions and affluent families.  Together we were able to create significant wealth through active idea generation, effective communication and timely advice.  Daily responsibilities included recommending and monitoring stock ideas, stock portfolios, asset allocation and portfolio risk management strategies.


My clients greatest accomplishments came from contextualizing publicly available information and articulating it in a way that could be immediately applied to investment strategies and asset allocation techniques.  We anticipated market movements before they happened and left the competition to react while we stood in a position of strength.  Client investment success stories include;


  • Investing in US Financials only a few days before the 2016 US Presidential elections.  The win by Donald Trump was not widely priced into market expectations and following the election results, US Financial stocks experienced the largest price move since the 2008/09
  • Investing in deeply discounted base metals stocks in early 2016, at the peak of pessimism in the sector.  Over the next 12 months the Materials index increased by 90% and many of the sector constituents doubled, tripled or quadrupled in value
  • Selling Bitcoin and other crypto currency holdings at the height of valuations in late 2017, avoiding massive capital destruction


As the search for alpha continues, demand for non-traditional data sources that can deliver a competitive edge is on the rise.  Our subscribers require accurate information that builds a distinctive advantage and core competency when making important business decisions.  Data is the new language of business!