Up Until Now This level of daily Analysis was only available to the pros

When You Need It, How You Want It!

Up Until Now This level of daily Analysis was only available to the pros

When You Need It, How You Want It!

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Recent Examples of Relevant and Executable Information

Web scraping is extracting data from websites through automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler.  Web Scraping is used to speed up the process of identifying information that would be important to an investors decision making process.  Scraping helps confirm an investment thesis with as much information as possible from the most sources available.

  • Via Twitter – $TSLA Tesla Inc. tweet activity showed increased chatter on company potentially raising sales forecasts (August) Company announces new orders higher than expected (September)
  • Via Blog – $AMRN Amarin PLC sees increased web chatter on potential for FDA panel approval (September/October)
  • Via 3rd party site – $FEYE Fireeye Inc. partners with investment bank to seek sale of company

Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future price movements based on an examination of past price movements.  It focuses on the observation over multiple time frames of price charts and specific indicators that track sentiment and strength of a directional movement, aiming to identify consistent trend patterns in the movement of stocks, and can help investors anticipate what is “likely” to happen to prices over time.

  • Shake Shak $SHAK – Breaking out to new highs above $90 (late July). Company announces stronger than expected earnings and raises forecast on consumer spend (early August) and stock moves to $105
  • First Quantum Minerals $FM.to – Breaking out above resistance at $9.75 on strong intraday volume (early September).  Company the subject of takeover talks and moves to $14 (late September)
  • Ballard Power Systems $BLDP – Breaking out to new multi year highs above $3.60 on strong demand outlook for hydrogen fuel cells (June)

Changing Fundamentals are important news releases about a company that describe a shift in fundamentals such as profitability, or strategy that are not currently known to the market or priced into the stocks valuation.   A change in fundamentals will ultimately cause a change in the stocks valuation by the market, either up or down, based on how investors react to the news released.

  • Tesla Inc. $TSLA – Company notes increased orders for Model 3,S and X (at $240 in October).  Subscribers alerted – stock moves towards $260 in short term
  • Activision Blizzard $ATVI – Company receives upgrade from BMO Capital Markets amid higher growth expectations (early September at $51).  Subscribers alerted – stock moves to $56 in short term
  • Roku Inc. $ROKU – Added new subscribers at a faster rate than anticipated (early June at $90).  Subscribers alerted – stock breakouts above $150 in August

Stock prices generally trade within specific price trends and “ranges” of price action whereby the price is bound within a upper band and a lower band.   A stock will often trade through these “bands” or “boundaries” which can identify to the investor an opportunity to buy long or sell short and can confirm a directional trend to the stocks price over a period of time.

  • First Quantum Minerals $FM.to – Stock breaks above 3 major resistance levels intraday (September).  Subscribers alerted at $9.75 – stock moves towards $14 in short term (September)
  • Applied Materials $AMAT – Stock breaks above 3 major resistance levels intraday (June).  Subscribers alerted at $43 – stock moves to $50 in short term (July).
  • Ballard Power Systems $BLDP – Stock breaks above 2 resistance levels intraday (August).  Subscribers alerted at $3.90 – stock moves to $5.25 in short term (September)

Comparison Analysis is a method used in the analysis of a set of variables or inputs between 2 or more stocks over multiple time frames to identify the relationship between each other and discover which stock is outperforming.  It is one of the most widely accepted methods of equity analysis used by professional analysts and by individual investors. It has proved to be efficient and effective, quickly showing which stocks may be overvalued or undervalued.

  • Advanced Micro Devices $AMD – Outperforming rival Intel Corp. as it seeks to take more marketshare (early June).  Subscribers alerted at $28 – stock moves through $32 in short term.
  • Tesla Inc. $TSLA – Outperforming the Nasdaq Composite Index over last 1 month.  Subscribers alerted at $225 – stock breaks out to $260 over short term (September).
  • Plug Power $PLUG – Outperforming the Nasdaq Composite Index over last 3 months (September).  Subscribers alerted at $2.25 – stock moves to $2.80 in short term.

Breaking News is newly received information about an event or a fundamental aspect that is currently occurring or developing which can change the way investors feel about the stock market or a specific stock.   Investors use breaking news to identify new catalysts that can either make a stock go up or cause the stock market to move lower.   Breaking news releases on the economy and stocks are what we follow and inform our clients on.

  • Genesee & Wyoming $GWR – News breaks that subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management is looking to buy GWR (late June at $85).  Subscribers alerted – Stock breaks out above $110 in short term on deal confirmation.
  • Twitter Inc. – News breaks on Elliot Management taking stake and 3 board seats, wants to remove Jack Dorsey as CEO, shares rise above resistance – subscribers alerted.
  • $GOLD – News breaks that China is big importer of gold to diversify currency reserves (early June at $1325 per ounce).  Subscribers alerted – Gold stocks breakout by 50-100% over next 3 months to mid-September)

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